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In business there’s often a requirement for clean, simple headshots. These corporate portraits
should reflect something of your personality and show your customers that you’re approachable, friendly and a genuine person. A good photo will help others put a face to your name and help you network more effectively.

Headshots can be used in company publications such as leaflets, annual reports and conference guides. They can accompany a press release and help you get noticed. Newspapers and magazines will often want to run a picture next to a news story or feature about you or your company and having high quality photos available can sometimes make a difference to whether you’re featured or not.

Online, headshots can be used on your website to make you more approachable and set you apart from the faceless competition. As the importance of internet marketing and networking continues to increase, professional imagery can help you stand out from the pack and get the right message about you and your business across.


We can do headshots in a dedicated studio, bring a portable studio to your place of business or in many cases work around you to get the right images at a conference or other business event. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy the process is.

For something slightly less formal you might prefer a candid shot taken at an event or an environmental portrait showing not just yourself but something of your business too.