Frames from the short film ‘Fretfog’

// July 4th, 2012 // Film

I was recently DOP (Director of Photography) on a short film called ‘Fretfog’, made by the production company It’s My Shout with Arts Council funding.

We shot over a very hectic weekend in the beautiful and occasionally sunny Laugharne in Carmarthenshire and I had loads of fun working with a mostly young and inexperienced but enthusiastic cast and crew.

The film won’t be edited into a viewable form for a while yet, so I made a bunch of frame grabs from the footage and processed them into the look I imagine for the final film. In the language of filmaking this is called ‘grading’. Some of the images we did ‘day for evening’ – this means we shot in the daytime but in the film it’s supposed to be late evening.

I wanted the project to look like a movie, so I framed for a wide cinemascope aspect ratio and graded to match.

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It’s My Shout
Arts Council Wales