Google Image Search Fun

// June 16th, 2011 // Notes From The Editor, Tear Sheets

Reign of Death Poster
Google have just launched some new search functions for pictures.
You can find it at and there’s more of an explanation at
Give it a photo and it will find other copies of it on the web and also similar images – for some definition of similar.

I tried it with a few of my own shots that I thought might be online in a few places and the results were a bit of a surprise.


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The first picture is of actor Noel Clarke in his role in the short film-noir ‘Reign of Death’. I took this photo for the production company It’s My Shout and the BBC. I graded it to black and white because I knew the film would be mono and supplied it and a bunch of other images including one which the movie’s poster was partially based on. I expected this to be quite widely used and was pleased to see it on IMDB etc.

A few links:,2010


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A few years ago I uploaded a silhouette of my friend Claire with a red Mohican to istockphoto then promptly forgot about it. I’ve since seen it used in a bunch of places including an iPhone case and Google images search helped me find it in three more places. The first is the funniest, as the cover of a music compilation called ‘iSweat Fitness’ with the tagline, “From Band-Aid to Live-Aid the decade of music that gave birth to MTV, Madonna and mullets! Very high-energy at 145 BPM — a great beat for Power Walking or Running on the treadmill or outside or for any other Cardio workouts.”!!!
Then there’s the hair salon using it to advertise their services – but she did this hairstyle herself in my front room!
The third use… after reading some of it I can’t even be bothered to really work out what Sparklife is.

Some links:


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Slash is a rock god. There have probably been tens of thousands of photos taken of him over the years so I was happy that when Velvet Revolver played Cardiff I managed to make a distinctive image.

It seems a blogger (from Finland?) got the idea that this unusual shot was somehow from the game Guitar Hero III, “This is the real look of Slash in the Guitar hero 3:legends of rock game. He is actually from the famous band Guns and Roses.” A Spanish language game website and then Metal Injection picked up on it from there. I occasionally read metal Injection but hadn’t noticed this story before.

None of these sites have permission to use the image, I assume they got it from my Flickr stream, where its copyright is clearly noted! They’ve even cropped off my logo.

Those links: