Web Tear Sheets #1

// March 30th, 2010 // Tear Sheets

The Automatic album cover on Amazon

“Tear sheet” is traditionally the term used for a page cut (or torn!) from a print publication to prove that a photo was published.

I have a stack of magazines, booklets, newspapers, prospectuses (prospectii?) and other printed material waiting to be scanned but until I get around to that I thought I’d start with some of my work that been used on the web.

Screen grabs:

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Links (in order) to where the images were used:

Photos for the BBC from a gig they put on at Music Box rehearsal rooms in Cardiff. (link)

At the end of 2009 I did two photo sessions with the Automatic, a location shoot for distribution by their PR to the press and a studio session for them to use in their album artwork. The album is now on Amazon with a cover design based on my images. (link)

The main image used by University of Wales, Newport on their “newport:film” facebook group is from a sessions I did for their Art, Media and Design Department. (link)

All the images for Y Fuch Goch’s website. (link)

A shot from a fashion show I covered last year. (link)

Future of The Left from the last set of promo photos I did with them. (link)

Ivan Smagghe DJ’ing in Germany (link)

One of my photos, this one has been sold more than 100 times! (link)

Joe is one of the guy’s behind Kruger magazine. (I’ve only included the photos I took that were on that page, Joe listed a few other photographers’ work.) (link)

My images used in a blog post about the production of ‘Heart of Darkness’ I photographed for the people who put the show on. (link)