Creative Futures 2012

// January 30th, 2012 // Education, Event Gallery, Video

Some of my work doing stills, video and sound documenting Newport University’s “Creative Futures” event in January 2012.

As the University themselves put it:

“The Creative Futures 2012 event has demonstrated a strong appetite for success from students of Newport University. Organised by Newport Careers & Employability Service and sponsored by The Faculty of Arts & Business, the 2.5 day event aimed to engage students with industry professionals who can offer advice about working in the creative industries. This took the form of short seminars that led to networking and relationship building. The short film (below) documents how and why students and speakers were involved in the event.”

You can watch and download a full 1080p version of the video here.

There was a lot of education and inspiration to be found at the event, for the students, the speakers and for me.

I’ve done freelance photography work for the University for the last 3 or 4 years but this is the first time I’ve been asked to create a video for them, alongside the usual stills used for print media, press releases, posters, the university website etc. Video is an increasing part of my work and I’m becoming as fascinated by the moving image as I am by the frozen moment captured in a still. The truth is that while there are of course big differences the two mediums complement each other very well, solving different problems and being useful in different situations.

Video is also increasingly a requirement for clients and in this case I was also twittering for the uni during the event. Indeed a theme of the conference was be flexible, be multi-skilled, network and never stop learning. Suits me.

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