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Adventure in Japan

// September 21st, 2014 // No Comments » // Travel, Video

A two week holiday to the place I most wanted to go to on Earth.

“Through The Lens” & Combining Film/TV Continuous Lights With Flash Photography

// April 20th, 2014 // No Comments » // On Assignment, Technique, Television, Video

On the DSLR camera I use for most of my photos and video work, it’s possible to shoot video and hit the shutter button to take a photo while the video is recording. So that’s exactly what I did, to make a fun little ‘through the lens’ video.


‘Bad Panda’ – Camera/Effects Test

// April 14th, 2014 // No Comments » // Film, Test Shoots, Video

frame from a camera/fx test shoot

I’ve just finished shooting a short film for Torfaen Police that was complicated enough that it required a test shoot in advance. The test footage is very, very rough but it’s also pretty interesting so I wanted to share.


The Most Expensive Camera I’ve Ever Touched.

// March 17th, 2014 // No Comments » // Education, Video

I like learning new things which is lucky because I have to constantly.

Over the last three days I’ve been taking part in a short cinematography course run by University of South Wales’ film school. The course is run in association with Skillset and partly funded by Academi+. For me this was a chance to talk to people who know as much as anyone about a bunch of extremely technical things, and get to play with a very nice camera.


Creative Futures 2012

// January 30th, 2012 // No Comments » // Education, Event Gallery, Video

Some of my work doing stills, video and sound documenting Newport University’s “Creative Futures” event in January 2012.

‘Winding Down’

// December 10th, 2011 // No Comments » // Video

A mini film about my Keystone K-4C Electric Eye.

Here’s a still of the title card from the video:
Winding Down title card
And here’s the video…

It’s My Shout 2011 Video on Vimeo

// November 28th, 2011 // No Comments » // Tear Sheets, Unit Stills, Video

A video version of the It’s My Shout slideshow with music and a surprise ending 😉

From still…

… to video.